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Airport check-in counter

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Airport check-in counter

Application environment: 不锈钢 生态板 颗粒板 防火板 玻璃钢
Model No.: L1200×W800×H1200mm
Caster type:
Fork type:
Product description
1. Model No.: SL-R0015
2. Size: L1200×W800×H1200mm
3. Load capacity: 130kg
Detailed description:
1. Facade: fireproofing panel
Dark blue panel, size: L4950*W800*H1200. With four independent intervals.
Different colors are available according to the applying environment. Fluent modeling, elegant and long-lasting.
2. All components are fabricated screw connection, easy to delivery and assemble.
Removeable but not easy to move at random.
Important apparatus could keep in the drawers and cabinets, the fire-proof board can be opened
Electrics, patch board, PC and other office facility could be mounted according to needs.
Multifunctional and movable cabinet is available.
3. Scope of application: airport, station, wharf and other public places.
High load capacity, suits for all sorts of people. Take ergonomics into good consideration. Easy cleaning.
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