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Manual three shaker sl-bc302

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Manual three shaker sl-bc302

Product description
Use and design features:
● Suitable for airport, station, wharf and other public places.
● Purpose: for temporary rest.
● The shape is smooth, in line with the principle of ergonomics; it can adapt to various environments, beautiful and durable. It has the strength of metal.
● Good carrying capacity, suitable for all kinds of people, easy to clean.
● The hard chair surface is adopted, and the color can be matched according to the site demand, which is beautiful and elegant.
Structural and functional features:
● It is composed of seat plate (including back), armrest, crossbeam and tripod, and can be equipped with seat and back cushion.
● All parts are connected by assembling screws, which is convenient for transportation and installation.
Mobile placement, double, three and four seat structure. It is not easy to be moved and moved at will.
According to the need, the coffee table or armrest and other accessories can be added between the seats.
Material and surface decoration treatment:
● The seat plate and the back are of integral structure, made of 1.5mm cold rolled steel plate and 2.0mm steel beam.
● The tripod is made of high-strength aluminum alloy by die casting, which is separately clamped on the beam and plays the role of supporting the beam.
● The cushion fabric can be made of genuine leather, imitation leather, p.u. leather and linen, and the cushion color can be matched according to the site demand.
● It can be equipped with tea table. The panel is made of high-grade medium density board covered with "Meinai board".
● All metals are sprayed with electrostatic powder after antirust treatment.
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