Aerospace Cloud Network International Cloud “One-click Cross-Border” Function Launched

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Aerospace Cloud Network International Cloud “One-click Cross-Border” Function Launched

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A few days ago, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Co., Ltd. launched the “One-Key Cross-Border” function on the International Cloud Platform of Aerospace Cloud Network, providing enterprises with online display space of products and services for overseas markets, and actively assisting resumption and production enterprises to expand overseas business.

"One-click cross-border" function user interface

According to the relevant person in charge of Aerospace Cloud Network Company, this function focuses on the core pain points such as high promotion costs, shortage of channel resources, and asymmetric business information in the expansion of overseas business of enterprises. It integrates online stores, online showrooms, and one-click customization of international Online functions such as website, overseas domain name mailbox application, intelligent customer service, and personalization of overseas cloud resources can provide personalized cross-border business offshore solutions for large enterprises and various small, medium and micro enterprises.
"One-click cross-border" function uses the visual station building technology to provide users with editable enterprise store modules. Without programming, companies can directly build enterprise cloud display content by dragging and dropping modules. This method is iteratively flexible and highly customized, which can effectively improve enterprise cloud marketing efficiency.
After the launch of the Aerospace Cloud International Cloud Platform series of functions, it will gradually build a “front store and back factory” business environment for enterprises in the cloud, and provide low-cost, efficient and reliable cloud cross-border services for cross-border business of enterprises; customized by open users The website interfaces with the international cloud platform to build a cross-border business display and business matching ecosystem with the international cloud platform as the core.
It is understood that since the "one-click cross-border" function has been launched, it has successfully provided services to users of the aerospace science and technology unit. At present, there are nearly forty quality solutions and products on its international website and aerospace cloud network international cloud platform store. Launched and attracted the attention of users from many countries and abroad. At the same time, Aerospace Cloud Network Corporation is also actively carrying out docking with the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises such as the African Business Alliance and the Ningbo Free Trade Zone.
In the future, Aerospace Cloud Network will be based on the core cross-border business demands of various enterprises, based on the advantages of the industrial Internet platform, further improve the functions of the international cloud platform, gradually extend the service chain, and commit to providing easy-to-use and easy-to-use cloud cross-border services to promote The company's cross-border business realized from "information on the cloud" to "business on the cloud" to "supply chain on the cloud".