We will usher in the dawn of victory

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We will usher in the dawn of victory

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On February 15th, 315 plastic flatbed trolleys produced by Aerospace our company have been rolled to the front line of Wuhan epidemic prevention. Play its due role.
The need to prevent and control the front line is everyone's shared responsibility. After receiving the call, Shuangling immediately set up a special group of general managers, business department managers, sales specialists, workshop directors, custodians and other personnel. And strive to complete this task. Team members actively check inventory, implement sorting and packing, contact transportation vehicles, obtain vehicle pass certification, and verify loading personnel through remote office and other means. Master Liang, who was on duty at the factory, learned that he would deliver emergency supplies and took the initiative to undertake the delivery task. With everyone's cooperation, the batch of trolleys was finally delivered to the designated place in Wuhan Front Line on the afternoon of February 15.
This is a battlefield without smoke. Each of us is a soldier, fighting for our city and our country. I believe that this epidemic prevention and control fight will usher in the dawn of victory.


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