Annual conference of double rhombus

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Annual conference of double rhombus

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   This is an extraordinary day. On January 11, 2020, it was also my most memorable day. On this day, the Annual conference  of our company was grandly opened in Yuji Hotel with the hard work and careful planning of the staff behind the scenes. I attended the company's Annual conference for the first time, and I was full of expectations.
The Annual conference kicked off with the national anthem!
   First of all, our general manager Kuang made a detailed review of the work in 2019, gave affirmation and praise to the efforts of each family member, highly praised the close cooperation of various departments, and also proposed to each of our family members. New requirements and expectations for employees: He hopes that each employee is the "creator" and "spreader" of energy, and secondly is an "empowered employee", which is mainly manifested in empowering self and empowering organizations And empower others; for cadres, we must also be an empowered person, which is mainly manifested in the four aspects of grasping business ability, leading the team, self-development ability, and systematic ability. In short, he hopes that each of us Become a Shuangling who can take on heavy responsibility. Inspiring words are like gold. In the end, Mr. Kuang also made a vision for the work in 2020. His words make each of us look forward to the future. I am also very grateful and grateful. We are grateful that our leaders can lead us in such a harsh environment and work hard. We are grateful that the company has given me such an excellent platform and can do something for the company.
   Of course, the development and progress of the company is inseparable from the hard work of each cadre. It is their persistence and leadership that communicates the company's guiding lines, ideas and concepts, and allows the company to develop in an orderly and stable manner. The year's harvest, existing problems, and the outlook for 2020 made a detailed explanation. One minute on stage and ten years off the stage, although a brief summary, they got it through their unremitting hard work over the past year.
   Our Chairman Wang Jun made a final summary. First of all, he made a high appraisal of the achievements made by the company, affirming the contribution of each leader and employee to double rhombus, and at the same time he also proposed to the company With new requirements and expectations, I think we will live up to our high expectations. As always, we will continue to work hard to achieve great results. Glory must belong to us。
    There is gain when you give. Every department and every employee has gained their own honor with hard work and sweat. This honor comes from their silent dedication, but also from their responsibility and attitude to work. Responsibility determines the ability to perform the job, and attitude determines the degree of work results. They are the role models and role models of double rhombus.
Who can believe that aunts, 40 and 50, who are busy in the workshop, are dancing at the moment? Who can believe that a serious accountant who has dealt with numbers all day has danced cheerfully? Who can believe that the warehouse management staff who shuttles in the warehouse every day praises the company with beautiful words? Who can believe that the young ladies and sisters of the marketing department who are busy with various tasks every day actually show a graceful dance? There are many exciting programs that I wo n’t list one by one! Yes, their wonderful programs are rehearsed by them during their break time. They use their passion to express their love for the company and add joy and laughter to the annual conference.
   Double rhombus has gone through a 20-year journey and carried the baptism of years. I believe that under the leadership of the company's leaders, a new chapter in history will be opened.